Site speed and page speed optimisation for SEO

Back in 2010 Google officially added site speed as a ranking factor and since then it has been an important piece of the SEO puzzle.

If you’re looking for tips and a specialist in this area I can recommend two resources. First up there’s a list of useful site speed tools and links over on Secondly, Melbourne based consultancy QNQ provide page speed optimisation services and they’re one of the only local Australian firms I know of that specialise in this technical aspect of SEO.

If it’s been a while since you checked how fast your site loads, go to and punch in your URL. It’s a great free page speed tool that will give you a detailed breakdown on every element on a webpage, how long it takes to load, how many server requests, and recommendations to improve the speed and performance of the page. The site gives both Google PageSpeed and Yahoo YSlow scores, an overall indicator of page speed performance.

So when you’ve put the SEO fundamentals in place and you’re looking for a way to improve both search engine rankings and conversions on your site, remember…fast sites rank better!


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