About Jon Hyne

Jon Hyne is a Search Marketing and Search Strategy professional working and living in Melbourne, Australia.
Jon Hyne
Jon has over six years experience with SEO and leads the Web Search team at one of Australia’s leading online companies, implementing the Search strategies for some of Australia’s most popular websites.

So what is SEO?

Some websites can rank just fine by themselves. They contain great content, which attracts links, and they’re good to go. Quite simply, you don’t need SEO to rank in Google.

But other sites do need some help to rank well in the Search Engines. For the sites that want to rank well, and ensure they give the Search Engines every possible chance to crawl, index and return their content for relevant searches, that’s where SEO comes in.

2 thoughts on “About Jon Hyne

  1. Patrick Mc'Ale

    Hey buddy I read your blog and it inspired me to become a Search Marketing Consultant and cut my hair. Thanks for everything.

    P.s Ill give you $50 to rank no 1 for viagra

  2. Jon Post author

    Thanks Patrick. Two pieces of advice for you if you want to be a good Search Marketing Consultant:

    1. Don’t cut your hair, enjoy it long while you still can.
    2. Put your efforts towards trying to rank well for KWs other than viagra.

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